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What is ETR.Net?
ETR.Net is an electronic tuberculosis register designed for TB/HIV surveillance, program monitoring and evaluation. The system consists of a database which is accessed by the user via the user-friendly software interface, custom developed for the Microsoft Windows environment. ETR.Net is:
 - User-friendly
 - Menu driven
 - Developed using the Microsoft.NET platform (VB.NET 2.0)
 - Developed in consultation with TB managers in South Africa
 -   A successor to the TBREG software (Epi- Info6) developed by The BOTUSA Project (CDC-Botswana) for TB program management in resource-limited countries
 - Implemented in several countries
 - Available in four languages (English, French, Portuguese and Spanish)
ETR.Net is designed to:
 - Capture patient-based information at the district level directly from paper TB registers
 - Generate standard cohort reports, line listings and data quality checks which reflect WHO DOTS Strategy
 - Enable staff to monitor and evaluate TB programs
ETR.NET was developed with support from the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)
Major Functions of ETR.Net
 - Personalized access control
 - Enter and edit data
 - Backup of data
 - Drop-down boxes with assigned variables
 - Export and dispatch data
 - Automatic report generation in HTML format
 - Archiving of data and cohort reports
 - Customizable patient listings
 - Sort and filter data
Key Features of ETR.NET
 - Data entry at district level
 - Four level data dispatch
 - Standardized cohort reports include Case Finding, Smear Conversion, Outcomes of Treatment and HIV testing and services for TB patients
 - Data quality checks
 - Graphs and maps
 - Program management and evaluation tool
 - Secure and encrypted data
Security Features of ETR.NET
 - Incorporates custom developed features on top of MS Access security features
 - Data checks and listings that display patient identifiers are deleted on closing the program
 - 256 bit Rijndael encryption algorithm and Globally Unique Identifiers
 - Controlled user login features allow for assigning permissions and login functionality including various user types such as administrator, user, and user with HIV permissions
 - Backup and dispatch are easily performed as the data is created in XML, then compressed and encrypted
 - Various levels of access to HIV data, ranging from entry-only to viewing of patient level data and aggregate reports
 - Use of Microsoft.NET platform offers expanded flexibility and increased access controls to improve security and confidentiality of patient records
TB/HIV Surveillance
 - ETR.NET facilitates the collection and analysis of TB/HIV surveillance data
 - Facilitates the monitoring and evaluation of HIV counselling and testing for TB patients

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About ETR.Net
What is ETR.Net?
A description of the ETR.Net software tool and its functions.
Using ETR.Net
Information regarding the use of ETR.Net.
General information regarding ETR.Net and its origins.
Country Implementations
ETR.Net has been implemented in several countries, follow this link for detailed information.
Implementation Recommendations
Learn more about the requirements and pre-requisites for implementing ETR.Net.
Technical Information
Detailed technical information, including development platform and hardware/software requirements.
Useful Links
Useful links related to ETR.Net, Tuberculosis and other general information.

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