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About ETR.Net
Common surveillance, program monitoring and evaluation tasks can be performed in three easy steps.
1.) Data entry and validation
At data entry level, review TB register for completeness and accuracy. Data validation checks while entering data include:
 - Future dates not allowed
 - Warning on registration dates older than one year
 - Warning on patients over 90 years old
 - Warning when regimen is inconsistent with category and/or patient age
 - Required fields are indicated
2.) Program management listings
ETR.NET allows for patient listings by facility according to key case-finding, case-holding and outcome events to:
 - Provide tools for follow-up of incorrect or missing data
 - Identify problem areas where program intervention is warranted
3.) Reports
ETR.NET allows for menu-driven generation of reports that reflect WHO DOTS Strategy guidelines, including:
 - Case-finding
 - Sputum conversion
 - Outcome of treatment
 - TB/HIV counseling and testing
 - Treatment outcomes by HIV status
 - Summary reports reflecting quarterly trends

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About ETR.Net
What is ETR.Net?
A description of the ETR.Net software tool and its functions.
Using ETR.Net
Information regarding the use of ETR.Net.
General information regarding ETR.Net and its origins.
Country Implementations
ETR.Net has been implemented in several countries, follow this link for detailed information.
Implementation Recommendations
Learn more about the requirements and pre-requisites for implementing ETR.Net.
Technical Information
Detailed technical information, including development platform and hardware/software requirements.
Useful Links
Useful links related to ETR.Net, Tuberculosis and other general information.

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