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ETR.Net Software User Manual
The ETR.Net Software User Manual contains comprehensive information regarding the features and recommended use of the software.
File size: 4MB
File type: Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
Interactive User Manual
An interactive version of the ETR.Net software user manual.
File size: 20MB
File type: Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
ETR.Net Information Brochure
A brief informational brochure.
File size: 262KB
File type: Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

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About ETR.Net
What is ETR.Net?
A description of the ETR.Net software tool and its functions.
Using ETR.Net
Information regarding the use of ETR.Net.
General information regarding ETR.Net and its origins.
Country Implementations
ETR.Net has been implemented in several countries, follow this link for detailed information.
Implementation Recommendations
Learn more about the requirements and pre-requisites for implementing ETR.Net.
Technical Information
Detailed technical information, including development platform and hardware/software requirements.
Useful Links
Useful links related to ETR.Net, Tuberculosis and other general information.

Popular Downloads
Multimedia Demonstration Kit
The Multimedia Demonstration Kit is an interactive introduction to ETR.Net. This kit contains almost all of the resources available on this web site.
Demonstration Version
Download a fully operational version of the ETR.Net software, which has been pre-configured for demonstration purposes (e.g. demo data, etc.).
Software User Manual
Download a copy of the ETR.Net software user manual.
A brief informational brochure.
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