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Country Implementations
ETR.Net has been introduced, tested or implemented in the following countries:

 - Botswana
 - Guatemala
 - Mozambique
 - Namibia
 - South Africa
 - Swaziland
 - Tanzania

Please note that the manner of use (e.g. national TB surveillance, data gathering and analysis study, etc.) may differ depending on the requirements of the specific country.

Shortly after ETR.Net was implemented in all 9 provinces in South Africa, the software was adapated for use in other countries (ETR Regional). The first country to implement the regional version of ETR.Net, was Botswana.

The first training workshop was held in 2005, with a further 2 workshops being held during 2005 and 2006 in order to train the rest of the relevant role players.

In Guatemala, ETR.Net has been tested for another purpose, i.e. not routine national TB Surveillance. The software is being tested for use in a specific short term study.

The software was translated into Spanish for use in Guatemala.

Plans are currently underway to implement ETR.Net in Mozambique.

Namibia commenced ETR.Net implementation in July 2007.

South Africa
The first country to implement ETR.Net was South Africa. The software was developed in South Africa and was first implemented in the Northern Cape and Limpopo provinces, in the first quarter of 2004 . Over the next several months the software was adapted and improved based on user feedback and actual implementation experiences, as the software was rolled out to the other 7 provinces in South Africa.

Currently the software is being used in all 9 provinces by approximately 200 users at various levels (i.e. sub-district, district, province, national, etc.). The national database (which has recently been upgraded to SQL Server/MSDE) contains more than 1 million patients for the period 2003 to 2005.

ETR.Net was implemented in 4 regions and 15 districts in Swaziland during March 2007.

ETR.Net has been implemented in 6 provinces in Tanzania during 2006 and 2007. Further implementation in other provinces is planned for 2007.

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